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Section Title File name Size Link
S01 Azotel Contact Information
S01-01 Azotel Operator Support Procedure S01-01_Azotel_Operator_Support_Procedure.pdf 208 KB View »
S02 Training Slides
S02-01 Azotel SIMPLer Classroom Slides S02-01_Azotel_SIMPLer_Classroom_Slides.pdf 54.8 MB View »
S03 Quick Start Guides
S03-01 WIB-C and SWIB Quick Start Guide S03-01_WIB_C_SWIB_Quick_Start_Guides.pdf 1.1 MB View »
S03-02 HIB-C Quick Start Guide S03-02_HIB-C_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf 471 KB View »
S03-03 SIMPLer Quick Start Tutorials S03-03_SIMPLer_Quick_Start_Tutorials.pdf 4.1 MB View »
S03-04 New Operator Workflow S03-04_New_Operator_Workflow.pdf 207 KB View »
S03-05 RADIUS Quick Start Guide S03-05_Azotel_RADIUS_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf 284 KB View »
S03-06 Customer Import Spreadsheet S03-06_Azotel_Customer_Import_Spreadsheet.pdf 294 KB View »
S03-07 SIMPLer New Operator Setup Guide S03-07_SIMPLer_NewOperatorSetup.pdf 294 KB View »
S04 SIMPLer Operations
S04-01 Azotel Operators General Manual S04-01_SIMPLer_Operators_General_Manual.pdf 15.8 MB View »
S04-02 Open VPN Access User’s Guide S04-02_OpenVPN_Access_Operator_User_Guide.pdf 847 KB View »
S04-03 SIMPLer Flexible Reporting S04-03_SIMPLer_Flexible_Reporting_Guide.pdf 1.7 MB View »
S04-04 SIMPLer Auto Email FTP User Guide S04-04_SIMPLer_Auto_Email_FTP_User_Guide.pdf 905 KB View »
S04-05 SIMPLer Reports Email Routing Guide S04-05_SIMPLer_Reports_Email_Routing_UG.pdf 3.3 MB View »
S04-06 SIMPLer Master Portal Guide S04-06_SIMPLer_Master_Portal_UG.pdf 14.7 MB View »
S04-07 SIMPLer App Guide S04-07_SIMPLer_App.pdf 1.9 MB View »
S05 SIMPLer Billing
S05-01 SIMPLer Billing Manual S05-01_SIMPLer_Billing_Manual.pdf 7.3 MB View »
S05-02 SAND User’s Guide S05-02_SAND_User_Guide.pdf 2.5 MB View »
S05-03 EFT Overview S05-03_Azotel_EFT_Overview.pdf 210 KB View »
S05-04 End User Portal S05-04_End_User_Portal_Guide.pdf 3.5 MB View »
S05-05 Smart Debit API Interface Process Flow S05-05_SIMPLer_Smart_Debit_Interface_Process_Flow.pdf 861 KB View »
S05-06 SIMPLer Banking Manual S05-06_SIMPLer_Banking_Manual.pdf 6.1 MB View »
S06 SIMPLer Scheduling, Dispatch & Sales
S06-01 Azotel SIMPLer Scheduling User Guide S06-01_SIMPLer_Scheduling_User_Guide.pdf 3.8 MB View »
S06-02 SIMPLer Sales Tracking Guide S06-02_SIMPLer_Sales_Tracking_Guide.pdf 1.5 MB View »
S06-03 Azotel Sales Process S06-03_Azotel_Sales_Process.pdf 973 KB View »
S07 SIMPLer Hotspots
S07-01 Hotspots System and Controller Set-Up Guide S07_01_Hotspots_System_and_Controller_Setup_Guide.pdf 5.8 MB View »
S08 Azotel RADIUS
S08-01 RADIUS Integration User Guide S08-01_SIMPLer_Radius_Integration.pdf 4.2 MB View »
S08-02 Azotel Mikrotik with PPPoE Authentication S08-02_Azotel_Mikrotik_with_PPPoE_Authentication.pdf 1.7 MB View »
S08-03 Azotel Mikrotik with MAC Authentication S08-03_Azotel_Mikrotik_with_MAC_Authentication.pdf 3 MB View »
S09 Trigger Based Integration
S09-1 Trigger Based Integration with external API platforms S09-01_SIMPLer_Triggers_Manual.pdf 2.3 MB View »
S10 Annex
S10-01 Frequently Asked Questions S10-01_Frequently_Asked_Questions.pdf 273.1 MB View »
S10-02 G D P R Documentation S10-02_G_D_P_R_Documentation.pdf 872 KB View »