Seaside Wireless Communications Inc.

“Just a quick note of appreciation to the Azotel team for all your hard work in enhancing our systems. Things are integrating very nicely. Our team leaders at Seaside Wireless have all commented on how pleased they are with the SIMPLer platform. Well done to your team.”
“We finally have a back-end system that does exactly what we need it to. Thank you Azotel for understanding our business.”
David Horton, General Manager »

AHC networks

“From the start, the service from Azotel has been impeccable. Any queries that have arisen are dealt with quickly and efficiently. The costs involved are excellent value for money considering the high standard of service. Azotel has provided us with a faultless service and has taken the hassle out of setting up a wireless broadband network in a short period of time.”
Áine Hales, Director »

Airwave Internet

“Typically a huge amount of time and financial resources have to be invested in the early stages of building out an independent ISP such as Airwave Internet. The range of technology and management choices that have to be made in order to establish a successful broadband business is potentially overwhelming for the inexperienced. Everything from choice of equipment, sourcing, designing web sites, supplying customer documentation and legal templates, not to mention the critical technology that runs the network and manages it on a day to day basis has to be carefully selected and learned. With Azotel we plugged into an expert knowledge base from the outset. With Azotel SIMPLer powering the Airwave Internet broadband network we have saved time and money and continue to do so on a daily basis.”
John Barry, CEO »

A Better Wireless

“Compared to the system we had before, Azotel SIMPLer has been an improvement of 1000%.”
Mitch Koep »

CommWorld Of McCall

“On a scale of 0-10, ten being the highest, I rate Azotel Technical Support and Training as an 11. I am still amazed. We started cutting the system over at about 3:30am in the morning and by 5:00am we were already running and testing things with virtually no down time.”
Grant Daniel

Gateway Business

“We particularly find Azotel’s support exemplary as relates to product development enhancements, training and troubleshooting.”
Wale Odeyemi, Senior Manager New Product Development »

Northgate Systems

“I’m amazed at how easily it integrated in to the network.”
Matthew Armstrong »

Fig 1: Azotel’s Reach