The Azotel SIMPLer platform offers wireless broadband operators a complete integrated OSS (Operations Systems Support) and core network. The Azotel SIMPLer approach integrates seamlessly across all departments as per the two Process Maps below. This replaces up to five business systems with one integrated system, greatly increasing the effectiveness of all departments within the organization.

Today, the Azotel SIMPLer platform is deployed in excess of 160 networks worldwide, spread across 22 separate countries with a particular concentration across Europe, Africa, Canada and the US.

Mapping SIMPLer within the operator/ISP Organisation

Fig 1: Process Map Part I

Fig 2: Process Map Part II

Allows Local Operator to Focus on Customers:

With Azotel managing the network and full backoffice functions, billing and payment collections, the local operator can focus on their customers and on the development of their business.

Greatly Reduces Cost of WISP Setup:

With Azotel’s experience and technology the WIB offering allows local operator to become operational with a significantly reduced cost and effort than what was previously possible.

Greatly Reduces Cost of WISP Operation:

Allowing you, the local operator, to focus on what brings the greatest benefit, Azotel’s outsourced backoffice and network management service offers a highly cost effective solution to the on-going management of your WISP. You don’t need to hire and manage people. No need to buy or setup PCs and accounts software to track your subscriber billing. No need to print, package and post your subscriber invoices. Azotel have the expertise and provide this at minimal cost.

Rapid Deployment:

Local operator WISP can be operational within four weeks from deciding on and securing your base station location.

Proven Solution and Business Model:

Azotel have garnered the global best practices for broadband deployment and included these in the the SIMPLer platform, for the benefit of all it’s operators.

Minimum Technical Knowledge required:

With easy to use web-based systems and Azotel’s backup support, minimal technical skills and knowledge are required to operate your WISP using Azotel’s WIB offering.

Full Professional Backup Support Provided:

Azotel provide emergency 24/7 support providing an extra level or assurance in your operations.

Ready Access to Advanced Services:

The Azotel core network is capable of operating advanced broadband services such as Voice over IP telephone services. Azotel is committed to developing these offerings over their network and working with strategic partners in delivery.

All IP Network – Standard Ethernet Interface:

Easing the subscriber unit installation, no specialist networking equipment is required. Simply connect your Ethernet cable for connectivity.

Access to large Azotel WISP Operations Knowledge Base:

Azotel posses a significant level of technical and business knowledge in the operations of a always on wireless broadband service. Azotel is committed to helping you in developing your business.