What does Azotel do?

Azotel provides complete solutions to WISPs i.e. Wireless internet services providers or broadband operators. Essentially, we provide everything the operator needs – other than than the radio equipment. Our suite of solutions can be provided either by Franchise, Managed Service or Product.

What is the company history?

The Azotel SIMPLer platform was developed based on the practical experiences of deploying a metro wireless broadband network i.e. Amocom. The first systems were sold outside of Amocom in Oct 2005, following its successful sale.

What is Azotel’s target market?

We serve wireless broadband operators, both nationally and internationally. Around 100 operators are now using the SIMPLer platform including deployments in Africa, Europe, America and Tonga..

How quick can an Azotel system be deployed?

Deployment of the Azotel hardware is very straightforward. It is as simple as plugging one port of the WIB-C to the upstream provider and the second port to the operators radio network. For the radio network we would suggest using Motorola Canopy or MotoMesh Duo or any fixed WiMAX radio solution.

How many Azotel engineers are required?

There is no need to send any engineers on site. Once connected to the internet, full remote diagnostics and monitoring is available. This is in keeping with the Azotel philosophy of empowering the operators to get on with the business of building out their networks and adding subscribers.

So what again does Azotel do for the operator?

Essentially, the Azotel SIMPLer platform does everything that the radio access doesn’t.

Can you explain more? Are you saying that all I need is a radio access network and Azotel SIMPLer and I have a business?

Yes, and a very compelling one at that. Azotel SIMPLer is a platform that was developed from the ground up based on requirements learned during the setup of Amocom. It does (a) advanced core network routing (b) traffic shaping (c) automated customer provisioning (d) automated CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) provisioning (e) network health dashboard and alerts (g) automated invoicing (h) cash collection tracking (i) banking interfaces – direct debit / credit card (j) international language support (k) SMS/email alerts (l) IP and usage statistics (m) Installation/maintenance scheduling (n) CRM (o) Debtors ledger – to mention but a few. The system is typically sold as an ASP model. One of the big benefits to an operator, is that they build up a very attractive business from an acquisition perspective.

Can Azotel revolutionise the roll out of wireless broadband?

From the above Q&A it should be becoming clear that the Azotel SIMPLer platform has a lot to offer the broadband operator. The Azotel solution is revolutionising the roll out of broadband, by allowing entrepreneurs and owner managers build valuable businesses while delivering commercially viable services to the under-served rural and metro areas of the world. The solution works across languages, currencies and time zones.