Azotel has been supporting operators since October 2002 and has established itself to become the world leader in subscriber management, service provisioning, business automation and core networks solutions for wireless broadband operators.

Azotel differentiates itself by offering a single platform, used across all operator departments i.e. CRM, dispatch, installation, service provisioning, accounts, banking, help desk, network monitoring, inventory, marketing and management.

This significantly reduces costs, while increasing efficiencies. Reducing the number of software platforms that you require to one, eradicates the need for replicating subscriber data. All departments have controlled and easy access to the latest information about your customers – in real time.

The client-server architecture ensures that minimal hardware is required to be deployed in the field – requiring minimal maintenance, which in turn enables you to deliver high reliability (5 nines) – even in remote network deployments.

Azotel began life as an Internet Service Provider (Amocom) in 2002. When setting up our network, we found that while there was excellent radio equipment available from a number of vendors, a comprehensive management system didn’t exist. So, we started developing our own software internally, to help us run our own network.

After a few years, it became clear that other ISPs had the same need as we had – i.e. for a comprehensive, reliable and robust management system. At that point, we sold our network business, and since then have focused on further developing the SIMPLer platform and building our customer base around the world. Hence, SIMPLer was designed by an ISP for other ISPs, which is evident in all aspect of its practical functionality.

Azotel now equips broadband operators with the technology and automated business processes required to build out commercially successful and highly profitable networks – anywhere in the world.

Azotel Enabled Operators (AEOs) are free to concentrate on building their networks and adding subscribers, rather than having to worry about the technology and process, which is delivered in a simple, cost effective and proven manner via the SIMPLer™ platform.

Today SIMPLer™ powers in excess of 160 Operators across 22 countries, from Alaska to Tonga – the long way around.


Achieved via the SIMPLer architecture. The only physical device (other than the radio network)
required to become an AEO is known as a WIB (WISP in a Box) – one port connects to the upstream provider while the second port connects to the radio network. As the network scales, more WIBs are added in parallel or at other entry points to the network(s). Carrier grade quality is directly achieved through this simplicity i.e. SIMPLer has a core network uptime of 99.99916805% or five 9′s.

Cost Effective

Attained as a consequence of the simplicity introduced by the SIMPLer architecture. Additionally, AEOs benefit from the wealth of experience and knowledge which is integrated into the automated processes of the SIMPLer system. As mentioned on the Azotel homepage, we offer the solution in three ways to suit various requirements – Product, Managed Service and Franchise.


By choosing Azotel you will be following in the footsteps of numerous other Azotel Enabled Operators (AEO). Proof of the model is further demonstrated by the willingness of banks, financial institutions and governments to invest in Azotel Enabled Operators. In essence, risk is greatly mitigated given that the AEO business is following an already proven model. Resources are not being wasted reinventing the wheel on technology and processes that are now available in a box.