Azotel SIMPLer Hotspot System

The SIMPLer system provides a complete hotspot management solution, including the ability to create and manage tokens, and to integrate with external payment gateways to process electronic payments. The system consists of four components:
> SIMPLer server to manage the system, issue tokens, etc.
> RADIUS server for authentication and accounting.
> Hotspot controller which sits between the access network and the Internet. Two types are supported: Azotel Hostpot-In-A-Box (HIB) and MikroTik RouterBoard.
> Access network – could be Wi-Fi Access Points, metro MESH network, wired network (e.g. hotel/apartments), point-to-multipoint RF network etc.

Fig 1: Hotspot System

Hotspot Functionality

The hotspot system provides the following functionality:
> Ability to define tokens based on time and/or data limits.
> Ability to provide free trial service for limited time periods, and ensure that the same customer doesn’t repeatedly use the free trial.
> Statistics on hotspot and token usage, to help refine service offerings.
> Ability for customers to purchase new tokens via an End-User Portal.
> Ability to customize Hotspot portal pages with operator design/logo/branding.

Hotspot Customisation

The following are examples of hotspot portal pages which have been customized for some of our operators.

Fig 2: Hotspot customization

Further Information

To find out more, you can submit a query or request a demo via our contact us page. Further details are also contained in our Hotspot User Guide.