Date Title Location Link
08-Nov-2010 AfricaCom 2010 Cape Town, South Africa View Article »
01-Nov-2010 The Broadband Expo Dallas, Texas, USA View Article »
21-Jul-2010 WISPA Summer 2010 Regional Meeting St Louis, USA View Article »
26-Jan-2010 WAV Aurora, IL, USA View Article »
25-Jan-2010 Solutions4ebiz Pendleton, IN, USA View Article »
11-Jan-2010 Animal Farm Motorola Users Group Salt Lake City, Utah, USA View Article »
12-Jan-2009 International Gateway Distributors Beirut, Lebanon View Article »
20-Nov-2008 EI Trade Mission Johannesburg, South Africa NA
17-Nov-2008 AfricaCom 2008 Cape Town, South Africa NA
12-May-2008 ITU Telecom Africa Cairo, Egypt NA
21-May-2008 Wireless Event London, UK NA
14-Jan-2008 EI Trade Mission Johannesburg, South Africa NA
10-Dec-2007 Wireless Broadband Forum Cambridge, UK NA
19-Jun-2007 WiMAX Members Conference Madrid, Spain NA
24-May-2007 The Wireles Event London, UK NA
26-Feb-2007 Trade Mission Johannesburg, South Africa NA
10-Nov-2006 Azotel-BriskNet extending broadband reach in the West Roscommon, Ireland View Article »
18-Sep-2006 South Africa Trade Mission supported by Enterprise-Ireland Johannesburg, South Africa View Article »
27-Jun-2006 Azotel extending broadband reach in Ireland Dublin, Ireland View Article »
17-May-2006 The Wireless Event London, UK View Article »
02-May-2006 Azotel Operator Vendor Workshop Cork, Ireland NA
21-Apr-2006 Azotel Operator Tutorial by Maciej Gawlowski Cork, Ireland NA
05-Apr-2006 CTIA Las Vegas, USA NA
14-Nov-2005 4th Annual Wireless Broadband Forum Cambridge UK View Article »
25-Oct-2005 Wireless and Mobile Technology Event Cork, Ireland NA
28-Sep-2005 Our wireless vision and the road to WiMAX Belfry, UK NA